When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

Babies are born with a set of 20 primary teeth. There are 10 upper teeth and 10 lower teeth. They are hidden in the gums and are known as milk teeth or baby teeth. However, when do kids start losing teeth? Let’s discuss this. In general, we have four types of teeth.

Now, whilst the baby is born with a set of teeth hidden in the gums, the teeth do not appear until a few months later. This process is called “teething” and it is often very uncomfortable for the baby. This process can also be called “eruption.” The teething process is as follows;

  1. The two lower central incisors (between 6-10 months)
  2. The two upper central incisors (between 8-13 months)
  3. The incisor beside the central incisors. The lower before the upper. (between 8-16 months)
  4. The first batch of upper and lower molars (between 13-19 months)
  5. Canine teeth (16-23 months)
  6. The second batch of upper and lower molars (between 25-33 months)

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Once they get all their teeth, your toddler should be good for 3 or 4 years before they begin to lose their teeth. Once this process begins there are a few things you should know.

  1. Losing their teeth means their primary teeth will give way to their adult teeth.
  1. The period your child is meant to lose teeth is not set in stone. Some children lose their primary teeth at 4 years old. Some lose their primary teeth at 5,6 or even 7 years old.
  1. Girls tend to lose their primary teeth earlier than boys so if you have a boy and a girl do not be alarmed if one of them loses their teeth earlier.
  1. The process may be painful and uncomfortable for your toddler. You must reassure them that it is quite normal and that there is nothing wrong with them.
  1. If your toddler suffers from loose tooth pain, which is quite common, visit the pharmacist or the dentist and ask them to recommend anti-inflammatory drugs suitable for toddlers. You may also try placing a small bag of ice on the painful area.
  1. Some toddlers will lose teeth without pain while others will not. This is a foreign feeling to them and no matter what age you are, the feeling of a loose tooth is always uncomfortable.
  1. Your toddler should be brushing twice a day and upholding proper dental care to reduce the chances of decay or an infection.

Although the order in which teeth varies from toddler to toddler, this is what you can expect when kids start losing their teeth. The losing of teeth may follow this pattern.

  1. The lower central incisors
  2. The upper central incisors
  3. The incisors beside the central incisors
  4. The first set of molars
  5. Canines
  6. The second set of molars.

Your toddler will most likely lose teeth in the same order they gained them. For more information on how to care for the teeth of a toddler losing teeth click here.