When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

Teeth are critical to our general health. Teeth help us to chew and bite food. But how much do you know about teeth? Do you know precisely when kids start losing their teeth? Well, if you don’t, welcome to this piece. We would talk a bit about teeth, and you would get to find out when kids start losing their teeth. 

What do you know about Milk Teeth? 

Babies start developing teeth before they come out of the womb. But in various cases, these teeth do not show until these babies are between six and twelve months old. 

Many children have a complete set of twenty baby or milk teeth when they are aged three. When they reach the age of five to six, these teeth will start talking out, and then it will start making way for their adult teeth to grow.

When your kids reach the age of twelve to fourteen, they should have lost all of their baby milk teeth at this point. 

At what age are kids when they lose their milk teeth 

At the age of five to six, the teeth of your little one would start coming off one after the other. There is absolutely nothing you can do about this because the process of teeth removal is essential for the growth of your little boy or your little girl. 

What Happens to my kid when they start losing teeth 

More often than not, your kid would get sick or ill, and when this happens, you need to take your kid to the hospital. It is not an easy thing to start losing the teeth you just got after a few years. They would be going through pain. These are the reasons why you need to know or have a dentist or a medical health care professional on speed dial. So when your child or kid starts teething, your dentist or medical health care professional will tell you what to do immediately. 

What should your kid eat when they are losing their teeth? 

As I would advise anyone anywhere anytime, the amount of sugar your child consumes needs to be watched. Of course, they are kids, and they would like to consume as much sugar as they desire. If you cannot watch the sugar your babies consume, then you should try your best by brushing their teeth in the morning after they wake up and then in the night before they go to bed. 

Did you know kill teeth could get cavities? 

If the teeth of your kid are not cleaned properly, they could quickly get cavities. I have a baby brother that as a result of how busy I am, I have not had the time of day to take great care of his teeth properly. He has severe cavities now. But we are not stressing because we know these teeth would all fall out, and adult teeth would crop back up.

I advise you to do better and make sure your kid’s teeth stay clear of cavities.