What Causes Seizures in Children?

Your little boy or little girl might be having a seizure and being a parent, guardian, elder brother, elder sister, or loved one. You might begin to wonder and begin to start stressing yourself about it. Why is my child having a seizure, and what is causing this seizure. We are here to tell you some of the things that cause Seizures in Children. But first, what is a Seizure? 

What Is a Seizure?

A seizure refers to a type of electrical activity that is not usual that occurs in the brain of someone, in this case, a child, which causes some changes in the child’s feelings, movement, or behavior. Electrical activities usually involve nerve cell neurons in various areas, which send signals multiple times. Whenever a seizure occurs, many of the neurons available in the brain all attack and fire simultaneously. 

Not every kid that has had a seizure might have another one immediately. That case is known as epilepsy. If you have a child around you that suffers from repeated attacks, take them to the hospital. More times than none, several kids outgrow seizures. 

What are the things that cause Seizures? 

One of the prevalent seizure types is caused by a fever known as a febrile seizure. There are various other causes of attacks caused by infections, drug usage, a meager amount of sodium in the body, an injury to the brain, a tumor, or changes to the genetics of someone. At times a seizure cause might not be found. 

How can one properly diagnose a Seizure?

Whenever a child suffers from a seizure, doctors typically search and find what is causing it. Young kids that have suffered from attacks would need to go and see a neurologist for kids. These kids’ neurologists are specialized in problems that affect the spine, brain, and the entire nervous system. Different tests include the following:

  1. They could test the urine and the blood to search for illnesses or infections 
  2. They could use an EEG which measures the activities performed by the brain 
  3. Video electroencephalography of a VEEG could be done using video recording
  4. An MRI could be taken 
  5. A Cat Scan could be taken: these help with the detailed photos inside the brain. 

With these different causes of Seizures in Children, you can now understand why a child could have seizures and the various things that could cause them and make them start. You must protect your little kids and make sure they do not suffer from brain injury or hit their lovely heads on the floor. With this, you greatly reduce the chances of your child suffering from a seizure. If anything at all occurs, make sure to see the doctor of your child. 

So there we have it. Now you know all that makes children and young ones suffer from Seizures. Remember, it is never the same thing. So if you see your kid acting the wrong way, get them to see the doctor as soon as possible.