Ways Kids Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a worldwide renowned day of love. Although you can and should celebrate love, Valentine’s Day is particularly special due to the historical significance of the day. Valentine’s Day originally began as a feast day honoring the legacies of two Christian martyrs, both called Saint Valentine. Over the years, it became a day to celebrate love and romance. Love is important especially for kids. Growing up can be hard; therefore, we must remind our kids how much we love them with no exceptions. This can help grow their self-esteem and introduce them to healthy kinds of love. One way you can do this is by celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kid or kids. Love doesn’t always have to be romantic. If you’re searching for fun and easy ways kids can celebrate Valentine’s Day then look no further. Here are 3 activities for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

  1. Write Them Love Letters – Write them love letters, or have them write each other love letters. This can be a sweet and easy way to improve the relationship between you and your kid or even between your kids. You can search for prompts they can use to write their letters. A great prompt would be “Ten Things I Love About You.” You can also decorate the letters with stickers, glitters, and words of encouragement.
  1. Valentine’s Day Cards – Instead of purchasing generic or store cards, you can make cards with your kid or kids. This is a fun activity that also boosts creativity. All you need to do is provide cardboard, glue, stickers, glitter, and pens, or markers. You should cut the cardboard before handing it over to them so that they’ll have no need for scissors. Once they have these items, encourage them to create whatever cards they like. They should feel free to be as expressive as possible as they want to be with their cards. Once they’re done creating the cards, ask them to write nice words of love and encouragement in the cards. Then return the cards to them, or if you’re more inclined to switch cards, you can do that instead.
  1. Valentine’s Day Meals – This is suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time. Food is a really powerful love language. Making food with your kids is one way kids can celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can make red cakes, red drinks, or cut foods into little hearts. Foods that can be cut into different shapes are cookies, fruits, bread, and cake.

There are lots of other food options as well. Pizza is a great Valentine’s Day meal, or perhaps you can order or prepare your child’s favorite meal. All these actions are tailored towards showing your child that love should be magical and nice. Love should be about sharing, and love should always be kind.

These are our three top ideas on ways kids can celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you have a bigger budget, you can consider decorations and random acts of kindness as well!