The Impact of the Pandemic on Kids

I wrote an article like this I think about two days ago. I talked about the essence of kids going back to school because the pandemic kept everyone at home for almost a year. Today I’ll be talking about the impact of the pandemic on beautiful little kids. 

It is not like I have gotten so ill with Covid. But there are some children’s deaths. These kids have been victims of this horrible virus and I’m sad to say, it’s our fault too.

We all have suffered things like the high and increasing mental health rate cases. There are also problems with serious concerns on the highly rising levels of neglect and abuse. There’s also the harm done potentially to the development of babies. The pandemic threatens to have a legacy that’s devastating on the nation’s young ones. 

You do know Locking Schools Locks Lives Right?

Of course, closing schools damage the education of children. These schools are not just places where our kids learn. They are places where our kids try to socialize, develop emotionally, and for a lot of them, get inner peace from their troubled homes. 

Someone very important once stated that when we close schools, we close the lives of these little ones. And trust me, I agree with him. 

Growing up, I always loved it when it was time for school. I went to a boarding house so when the term started, I happily stayed in school and I gained a lot of awesome connections. It was nice, to be honest. 

Covid 19 pandemic has caused a lot of harm to kids all across the world. They’ve been lonely and isolated and they’ve been suffering from sleep issues because their physical activities have reduced. School closures on all kid’s sports are presently banned. One of the only exceptions is those from organized outdoor sports for kids under the age of twelve available in Scotland. 

Several experts are quite baffled with the approach that’s then to the sports enjoyed by little kids. But they can’t even come out and engage in these sports anymore because no one wants their child to get the disease. There are high benefits that kids gain from meeting other people and going to school. Their physical well-being is affected and then their emotional health enjoys it too. But in the presence of the pandemic, all of that was kept aside. Looking at the United Kingdom for example. It has some of the highest rates of child obesity when you compare the United Kingdom with several other countries in the world. 

My thoughts on the Impact of the Pandemic on Kids 

It is painful. I have no words other than the pain. These kids want to be free, they want to go to school, gossip about the boy sitting by the left, write their assignments, thrive, and graduate. I just hope a vaccine comes that one could just inhale it and then they would feel better and be immune from the virus.