Teething Relief for Babies

Teething can be a very stressful time for mothers and their babies. Teething is the period when the baby’s teeth start to come through their gums. Although research has shown that it is not painful, it is often a source of discomfort for babies who don’t really know how to handle such experiences. This is why healthcare practitioners often recommend opting for teething relief options to help the baby feel better while teething.

We will be providing a list of teething relief options; however, it’s important that we know the signs of teething. Teething generally begins around the 6th month; however, it does differ from baby to baby. Some symptoms to look for are;

  1. Swollen and Tender Gums – If your baby’s gums are swollen and tender in particular spots, then there is a chance that they are teething. The gums around the area where the tooth shows signs of appearing are the areas that should be swollen and tender. If every area of your baby’s gums is swollen and tender, you may want to reach out to a healthcare professional.
  1. Drool – Babies tend to drool; however, if you notice that your baby is drooling a lot more than usual, it may be a sign of teething.
  1. A desire to chew on things – Your baby may begin to gnaw their gums (which only causes more irritation) or chew on hard items. When this happens, you’ll want to invest in a teething ring so they remain safe while teething.
  1. Crying and Fussiness – If they are fussier than usual, it may be a sign of teething.
  1. Putting their hands in their mouth – If your baby is constantly bringing their hand to their mouth, it may be a sign of teething.
  1. Pulling their Ear and Rubbing their Cheeks – In a bid to distract themselves from the discomfort, they may begin to rub their cheeks or pull on their ear.

These are some symptoms that you may notice in your baby when they begin teething. Here are some teething relief options for babies.

  1. Pain Relievers – You may ask your healthcare provider to recommend an oral pain reliever for your baby, or you can find one yourself. We recommend Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Oral Pain Relief. Hyland offers many products for babies. A pain reliever will be very helpful, especially at night. It will reduce the discomfort, which will help your baby sleep better.
  1. Rub The Affected Area – You can use a clean finger or a wet cotton bed to rub the affected area gently. This can be very soothing and relaxing for the baby.
  1. Use a Cold Spoon – A cold and clean metal spoon can offer some ease to your baby’s aching gums. You can place a spoon in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then place it gently over the affected areas. This will soothe the ache and reduce discomfort.

Purchase Teething Rings – Teething rings are small hard toys made for babies who are teething. If your baby constantly wants to chew on things, you should invest in a good-quality teething ring.