Songs for Groovy Children

Children are often full of energy and need fun outlets for all this energy. One of such outlets is dancing. Dancing is fun and enjoyable for everyone. If you need a list of happy songs for you and your child to groove to, here is a list of songs for groovy children.

  1. Rio 1 & 2 (Music from the Motion Picture) – Rio 1 and Rio 2 are two wonderful movies with equally wonderful soundtracks. Almost every song on these soundtracks is groovy and will have you moving in no time. “Take You to Rio” by Ester Dean is a feel-good song with wonderful vocals. “Hot Wings” (“I Wanna Party”) is the ultimate dance bop. Other feel good songs on these albums include “Real in Rio,” “Funky Monkey,” “Welcome Back,” “Beautiful Creatures,” “What Is Love,” “Ô Vida” and “I Will Survive.”
  1. Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is included in the soundtrack tor Trolls! The trolls also have a wonderful dance party to this tune!
  1. Happy Feet Soundtrack – The Happy Feet soundtrack is just as legendary as the movie. Brittany Murphy croons out soulful tunes, and the little penguins serve us a groovy tune in the Happy Feet Two opening medley.
  1. Baby Shark” by Pink Fong – “Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo” took the world by storm with its fun lines and catchy beat making it one of the best songs for groovy children.
  1. Dancing Queen” by ABBA – “Dancing Queen” by Abba is a timeless groovy tune perfect for kids to twirl around to in the living room.
  1. How Bad Can I Be” by The Lorax – The Lorax croons tunes about how bad he can be in this awesome and catchy song.
  1. ABC” by the Jackson 5 – “A, B, C easy as one, two, three.” This groovy tune was one of the first songs to introduce Micheal Jackson to our hearts, and it’s still as groovy as “do, re, mi.”
  1. Don’t You Worry About a Thing” by Tori Kelly – If you’re a fan of musicals, then you’ll love “Don’t You Worry About a Thing” and all the other songs on the SING soundtrack—the perfect song for groovy children.
  1. Get Funky” by The Learning Station – As the name implies, this is a great kids song to listen to and groove to.
  1. Happy” by Pharell – Last but definitely not least we have “Happy” by Pharell which is the ultimate happy. Dance because you’re happy!

Those are our top ten picks for songs for groovy children; however, we’ve decided to throw in a few more:

  1. “The Party Freeze Dance Song” – 2014 Version
  2. “Move and Freeze” – The Learning Station
  3. “Get Funky” – The Learning Station
  4. “The Tooty ta Song” – Jack Hartmann
  5. “Shake Your Sillies Out” – The Learning Station
  6. “Alice the Camel” – Super Simple Songs
  7. “Body Boogie” – The Learning Station
  8. “The Goldfish” – Laurie Berkner
  9. “Happy Dance” – The Learning Station
  10. “S.T.O.P.” – Patty Shukla
  11. “Hip-Hop Tooty Ta” – Jack Hartmann
  12. “A Ram Sam Sam” – The Learning Station
  13. “Monster Shuffle” – The Learning Station
  14. “Hokey Pokey” – The Learning Station
  15. “The Skeleton Dance”
  16. “Herman the Worm” – The Learning Station
  17. “Move It” – David Smash