Safe Toys for Kids Allergic to Plastic

Plastic has been getting a bad rap lately. It’s harmful for the atmosphere, but did you know it can also be bad for children’s respiratory systems and development?

Harmful plastic exposure starts in the womb. Studies show that children with mothers often exposed to plastics while they were pregnant had a 72 -78% greater chance of developing asthma as compared to children who were not exposed to plastic before birth. When the chemicals in plastic are ingested, they can lead to inflammation of the airways, learning disabilities, and premature birth.

Exposure to plastic continues to be an issue as the child gets older. Children who are given plastic toys to play with may end up with chemicals like OctaBDE and DecaBDe in their systems, which can negatively affect thyroid and brain development.   

Children may also be allergic to phthalates that are added to plastic as a softener or solvent. Research has shown that the phthalate BBzP was linked to rhinitis and eczema, while DEHP was associated with asthma.

With so many plastic toys on the market, parents may find themselves limited in what children’s toys they can purchase. Wooden toys are a good alternative. Here are some you may consider buying for your youngster.

5 Safe Toys for Kids Allergic to Plastic

Baby Rattle

Baby rattles are often made from harmful plastics. A wooden rattle is a safer, more eco-friendly solution. These may be painted with milk paint and sealed with virgin coconut oil so teething babies will not develop health conditions when using them.

Wooden Blocks

As babies get older, they like to stack things and fit them together. This is a terrific activity for their motor skills and brain development. Fortunately, there are many wooden block toys that can be used for these purposes.


Toddlers love emulating mommy and daddy by pushing around a stroller that can double as a shopping cart. While most of these stroller toys are made of plastic, innovative designers are using wooden components, as well as nontoxic paints.

Wooden Toys for Pretend Play

If your child is using his or her walker/stroller as a shopping cart, he or she will want to fill it with fun toy food items. Pretend wooden bananas, avocados, and apples will foot the bill perfectly.

Wood Drum

If you are trying to get your baby interested in music, a wooden drum makes the perfect toy. A colorful drum and drumstick can provide hours of fun.

How to Treat Children’s Allergies

Keeping plastics away from your child will reduce allergies but, with so many potential triggers out there, it may seem impossible to keep symptoms from occurring. The right medication will keep your child feeling their best.

There are many allergy medications on the market, but BioAllers Children’s Allergy is an all-natural option you can trust.

BioAllers is a maker of homeopathic medicines that target a variety of allergies. It is formulated with a blend of seven different homeopathic ingredients. It supports the relief of allergy symptoms including sinus pressure, congestion, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, headache, coughing, and sneezing.

With plastic’s potential to cause harm, it’s advisable to stick with wooden toys. If symptoms of allergies arise, an all-natural medication is best. How do you keep your child’s allergies at bay?