How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

Okay, okay, since we are in the kid’s section today, I’ll be talking about ways to talk gently, peacefully that your little toddler kids would listen. I’m great at this cause I’ve got a little toddler at home. That baby boy is so stubborn, but I love him with all of my heart. So. How can you talk so little that your kids would listen and do what you tell them? Let’s roll 

Ways you can talk little so your kids would listen to you. 

There are a variety of ways one could talk with their kids that they would listen to you. You need always remember that it is always about your mood or how you feel in the moment that affects how your little one listens or understands all that you’re saying. Whenever you don’t feel okay or don’t feel good, you will not act okay, and you’ll act badly. Let’s try using problem-solving, yeah. Your kids might have a meltdown. You could calm down personally and then come back and reconnect with that little boy or girl. Whenever someone does something you don’t like, you always think of attacking them back. Either smack them or hurt them (if they are adults), you also end up thinking about a way that they would suffer even if it is just for a little bit (oh come on, everyone thinks this). You might lock them in their room and give them broccoli to eat instead of their dessert. It would be best if you conversed with them like they are adults and listen to them. It would be best if you learned how both of you could solve the problem, instead of shouting or being cold or irritable or just angry. 

Often, it could feel like your kids are not listening to you intentionally, and it’s not your fault either. You need to calm down and try to understand with these kids. You know that we as adults are not interested in the things that kids are interested in a lot of times. We are always so busy thinking about making money, dealing with our insecurities, and handling dramatic toxic people around us. These kids want very simple things. These are the reasons why when talking to them, we need to calm down, think like we are talking to people our age, or think we are kids. This way, your kid doesn’t feel threatened in any way when they are talking or conversing with you. And before you know it, they would be listening, they would do what you want, and they would be attentive. That’s how I grew up with my mom. She was like my friend, and I didn’t want to do anything to hurt her. I still am like this, and I hope my kids and my baby brother would grow up knowing the value of family, the essence of our loved ones, and they would all be people who listen and are listeners to what others around them have to say.