How to Parent Grown Children

At times you might just be seated and thinking, “isn’t this my child, the one that came out from my womb? Then why are they acting this way” you might want to be a controlling, overly possessive parent to an adult child. But trust me, those are the wrong ways to do this. Your child loves you, and they’ll always love you. There’s no doubt about that. The thing is, there are better, more positive, mature ways to Parent Grown Children. And that’s what we’ll be talking about in this article. Come on. 

Ways to Parent Grown Children 

You need to respect and recognize your differences. 

If you and your child had had differences before they became adults, those differences would not vanish into thin air when they become 18. At times their conflicts are a result of your personality and theirs clashing. Know that you and your child are not the same people. There are things your child would want that you did not dream they would desire. Being or staying under the same roof could increase these issues. The great thing is that there isn’t any time better than now to celebrate, accept and understand the uniqueness of your beautiful child. You might not always agree with the choices they want for their lives, but as they grow to be independent people, you need to find high levels of joy and connect with them without any drama or conflict. 

It would be best to be a consultant in their lives instead of trying to be a CEO. 

When you are a parent, don’t try to run your child like a CEO runs a company. You should be there for them as a consultant and always have a listening ear whenever they’ve got issues. Trust me, if you push, they will close up, and opening them up would be as difficult as possible. Some kids might never open up to you again. And the sad thing is you might lose that child’s connection to you emotionally forever. 

 It would be best if you were a listening board for your adult kids. 

You need to create an awesome atmosphere where your kids feel like they can talk to you about any or everything. I can’t talk about things to my parents because I know for a fact they would not understand. And the same thing with you too. Give your child that accepting atmosphere to know that yes, my parents love me, and they would never judge me for being this unique awesome epic person I am today. Cause no matter what you say, no matter what you do, that child of yours is going to kick ass and be the best he or she can be to anyone and everyone. So it would help you a whole lot of you are lovely, nice and simply human to them. Let’s not forget about empathy too. Put yourself in their shoes and try to see what it would feel like if they had parents like you. 

Would you want to be your parent?