One of the problems the class teachers face every time is fidgeting, and it is very hard to solve this issue, we now know that you can’t stay still as you learn things, and sometimes fidgeting is very helpful in learning and focusing on a topic. There are nice fidget toys that you can make by yourself or buy from a store but can be very expensive that won’t be enough for the rest of the class. Make a beautiful DIY fidget that is easy and cheap, you can make yourself with instruments and items around the house or things that are cheap to buy in a crafts store and it won’t take a lot of time to make.

1. A CD and marble top.

This will be perfect if you have old CDs that you want to recycle into something creative. This will keep your children occupied especially the one that loves to spin things and wait for them to stop spinning, it is very calming and makes the child feel less anxious. All you need is marble, a CD, glue gun, and makers. The first thing to do is color your CD with a maker in any design that you want, either polka dots or spiral lines to the center of the hole of the CD, then use the glue gun to join the marble and CD together and make the glued part of the marble to be facing down to bring out the beauty of the toy.

2. Stress balls.

This squeezy DIY fidget toy is so relaxing and it is very good at relieving stress and calming your nerves. It’s a little ball that is filled with goo that can work wonders and help you to focus more on the topic ahead, it is very useful for adults and kids. All you need to make these stress balls are a balloon, baking soda, conditioner, bowl, scissors, spoon funnel (you can get one from a craft store or just make one with a plastic bottle), scissors, and makers. First, make a mixture of baking soda of about 2 cups and half a cup of conditioner. After making that mixture, take your funnel and attach the funnel to the balloon and pour the mixture into the balloon and tie tightly then take your maker to draw a beautiful design on the balloon and that it, it’s really for work.

3. Zipper bracelet.

Someone call the fashion police because these zipper bracelet needs to go to jail for being awesome, both fashionable and perfect for fidget. They are quick and simple to make. You will need some zippers that have different colors, scissors, needle, and thread. First, get your zippers and scissors, cut the cloth off the zipper be careful not to cut the zipper along, you can apply nail polish to it, to give it that glow, then get your needle and thread and sew the ends together, ensure that the length of the zipper is enough before you sew it together. Sew it by putting the needle into the zipper connect and rapping the thread around the zipper and tying it into a knot to secure it. Then put it in your wrist and you are done.