Imagine a child or an adult making harsh criticism, making failed promises, and passing boundaries; what will you do? Reasonably, you will end such a relationship. But now, bring your imagination back home; what if it was your child that was treating you with contempt? Will you end the relationship? Hopefully not!. In today’s world, children are becoming more rude day by day, but as a parent, it is your responsibility to discipline your child when they are wrong.

Decades of your life are being invested in the child and so much love that will make you keep trying to correct your child. So you do not need to give up because whatever they become will also affect you directly or indirectly. Having dealt with a disrespectful child is not at all easy. And an adult child can be very frustrating to handle. They can make you confuse, heartbroken, and even infuriated. But, they are a way to deal with such ones.

This article will discuss the following:

  • Why is disrespect hard for parents to handle?
  • What is the cause for disrespect?
  • How to deal with a grown child that is disrespectful

Why is disrespect hard for parents to handle?

So many people have a lot of answers to this question because many people ask different questions. Well, the following reasons answer the above question.

  • It hurts a lot when a person gives total attention to something, and such attention, effort, and resources are not valued in the wrong run. Likewise, parents feel so bad because when their child disrespects them, it feels likes their effort for the child all those years were just a total waste.
  • So much of your identity seems bound up with your children, and now they treat you with contempt.
  • Parents’ deepest fear is based on not losing their children; they want to do all they can to make them stay with them. So it is another reason why it’s so hard for parents to bear disrespect.
  • Parents are not always prepared to face the hostility and antagonism that adult children give them.
  • Adult children spend more time in their relationships, career, and children. Therefore, when conflict happens between parents and children, the parents tend to be affected more.

However, the gradual loss of the parent gaining their children explains why disrespect from an adult child is hard to bear.

What is the cause for disrespect?

  • Studies have shown that the more stubborn a parent is, the more the child is meant to become repulsive and disrespectful.
  • Frustration and stress also have a prolonged negative effect on every relationship in the house.
  • The dynamic of the family, individual issues, and cultural perspectives can have a diverse effect on the issues happening in the household.
  • An abusive spouse can also make the adult child disrespectful to you.

How to deal with a grown child that is disrespectful

  • Try to adjust your lifestyle-:

The child that is becoming an adult is an entirely new concept, with limited research. It would help if you did thorough research to determine which parenting style is the best for your grown child. The following are the parenting styles-:

  • Neglectful
  • Permissive
  • Authoritative
  • Authoritarian

The above shows the parenting styles that we have. The best that is proven to correct a grown child is permissive and authoritative.

  • Accept when you are wrong-:

If your child expresses how they feel but in an inappropriate manner, try not to look at how they express themselves; acknowledge your wrong and apologize.

  • Set clear and healthy boundaries-:

You need to set healthy limits for your child, but this doesn’t mean that your child cannot express himself freely or they shouldn’t come close to you. No! It all means that grown child needs to know their boundaries and make sure you stick to them.


It is not easy to manage a grown child, but as a parent, you can’t neglect your child’s disrespectful attitude. So, therefore, set limits and try to form an open relationship to help communication flow freely.