How to Cut Kids Hair

If you’re interested in learning how to cut kids’ hair to save money on trips to the salon, this may be the article for you. Here we’ll outline how to prepare the hair for a cut, the easiest haircuts, and of course, how to cut kids’ hair. There may be several reasons you’d like to cut your kid’s hair. Perhaps you’re looking to save money, or you’re just interested in being more hands-on with your kids; this article is here to help you. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Identify the type of hair. There are 4 types of hair. Type 1 through 4, and each type also has type a through c. This may seem confusing, but we’ll explain it in a moment. Type 1 hair is usually bone straight hair, with no curl patterns or curls definition. This sort of hair rarely gets tangled. Type 4 hair is very curly hair, often called kinky hair. Now that you know the difference, a quick Google search will help you identify the type of hair your kid has (it may be a bit similar to yours)

Step 2: Pick a hairstyle. If you’re a beginner, you should stick to simple hairstyles, perhaps a trim. We don’t recommend trying to cut bangs on your first try; a simple length trim is a good place to start. Once you select a hairstyle or have your child select the hairstyle of their choice (within reason), it’s time to search for pictures of that hairstyle. If you’re trying to imitate the hairstyle they had previously, all you need to do is find a video of them with that hairstyle. It’s important that it is a video because you’ll need to have a 360 degree look at the selected hairstyle.

Step 3: Wash the hair. When you’re cutting their hair, it should be damp. Not completely wet or dry, but damp.

Step 4: Ensure they’re sitting straight. It can be easy for kids to slouch when they’re sitting still for too long. You can put on a TV show they enjoy while you do this. Try not to give them a mobile device as this will make them drop their head instead of sitting up straight.

Step 5: Wrap a towel or a huge shirt around their shoulders to ensure the hair doesn’t go down their clothes.

Buzz Cuts – For buzz cuts, you should always start cutting the hair from the back. You can use scissors before picking up the clipper. The clipper has several guard number options. The smaller the number, the more hair it’ll shave off. You’ll start from the back, move to the crown, and then you’ll have the sides last.
Medium to Long Hair – For medium to long hair, you’ll want to cut the hair as straight as possible. It is important to remember that the curlier the hair is, the less you should cut off. This is because curly hair tends to shrink, so even though you may feel as though you didn’t cut too much hair off, remember that shrinkage will occur.