This program called Give Kids A Smile was established nationwide in 2003, it aims to provide children that can not afford proper oral care and give them free oral treatments and care. Every year about 6550 dentists and the dental team and volunteers are 30000 are present for this event, they also give oral health education, treatment, screening, and preventive care for over 300000 kids.

The Give Kids a Smile event starts on February’s first Friday, and it is extended till the end of the year, it is held every year at this time and that day is also known as Give Kids A Smile day. Since this program started now it has been over six million kids have been given free oral health care, and this is thanks to the program.

What is the vision of Give Kids A Smile program? 

To make sure that all children get a high quantity of oral healthcare.

The History of the Give Kids A Smile.

Doctor Jeff Dalin and Doctor B. Ray Storm conducted the very first Give Kids A Smile event in 2002. The event was held in an abandoned, that will soon be demolished dental clinic located in st. Louis, a total amount of 15 patient chairs was brought together so that the purpose of delivering free oral healthcare to almost 400 kids. This act caught the attention of the American Dental Association for their efforts and dedication to the program and the program will greatly impact the outside world and create awareness and the vital need for oral health and also help the children that can not afford proper oral care, so in 2003, the Give kids a smile program became a nationwide program.

Where is the location of a Give Kids A Smile program? 

You can call 1.884.490.GKAS to get a location of the nearest Give Kids A Smile program is happening that is the closest to your location. You can even host a Give Kids A Smile event, first, you will have to be reviewed by the Give Kids A Smile planning toolbox and register your event by visiting their page and signing up there. There is a product kit that is given to the event centers, each center has different events. The program kit contains children’s toothbrushes, toothpaste, healthcare cards, some plastic bags filled with Give Kids A Smile logo on them, earloop mask, stickers, gowns, fluoride varnish, and so on. You can give your time and volunteers, you can do that by registering for the position in their email