How Milk and Dairy Products Build Stronger Bones in Kids

Growing up, whenever it was the weekend, and my siblings and I watched the TV, we watched adverts where they talked about the essence and importance of things like Dairy products and milk on our teeth, bones, and proper growth. But I never seemed to understand them up until now. I am sure I’m not the only one that has been suffering from this lack of understanding. Please sit back and relax. Let me explain. 

There’s a possibility that milk has no benefits for the health of your bones. But there are some benefits to it after all. Before one takes away all of the milk, there are some severe caveats that one needs to think about. 

After going on a study, it threw up perennial problems like correlation against causation. Like how women who knew they had osteoporosis drank higher amounts of milk, hoping their bones would be more robust. The study did not show or talk about drinking milk as the cause of their fractures reducing. To also complicate the picture more, the Swedish team noticed that people who consumed yogurt and cheese reduced broken fracture rates. 

These researchers have made it clear that they would need to replicate their studies before they would advise on diets. Several other people stated that the entire public should be cautious in changing their consumption rates based on these tests. 

Until people know more than enough, the present evidence suggests that you should continue drinking it if you enjoy milk. There are benefits it would have on the health of your bones and teeth. But these benefits might not be long lasting as you might have been thinking. 

It would be best if you kept your bones strong using several other various exercises. These include consuming a higher amount of vitamin D than what you consume. You will absorb early morning sun and the being strong when you go out for morning jogs. 

My Thoughts on Dairy products and Milk to Build Strong Bones for Kids 

Growing up, I wouldn’t say I liked eating meals that were made at home. But I loved milk. I am also not a fan of sports. But it’s all good because my lifestyle now has ultimately nothing to do with sports. That’s sad, though, but still, it’s all good. I feel milk and several other dairy products help kids’ teeth and bones by aiding to fill up all the spaces that could break over time. That could be quite stressful or hard to grow back for someone that is malnourished. Think about kids in Africa that have suffered from malnutrition. They don’t look well; their bones don’t look healthy in any way. Compare these kids with kids that are chubby and those that look good and eat well.  You can imagine the difference, right? Well, I’m glad you get my point.

So please, give that child milk and other dairy products. They need it. We all do.