Guide to Treating Kids Bug Bites

I’m finishing these as soon as I can. So today, I’ll be talking about how you can treat Bug Bites on kids.

I’ll start by talking about signs of your kids having allergic reactions. 

Ways to know if your kids have an allergic reaction to bug bites 

Allergic reactions to bug bites could end up being medical emergencies. Your kids might be suffering from a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction if they are suffering from symptoms which include;

  1. Wheezing 
  2. Vomiting 
  3. Trouble swallowing 
  4. Swollen eyes
  5. Swollen lips 
  6. Swollen tongue 
  7. Slurred speech 
  8. Hives on the body 
  9. Headache 
  10. Fainting 
  11. Dizziness 
  12. Trouble breathing
  13. Coughing
  14. Confusion 

Suppose you notice these symptoms in your child. Dial 911 immediately. You should visit your doctor if your child got stung on their throat, mouth, eye too. If they are not allergic to bites by bugs, still take them to the doctor. 

How you can treat these bites and stings 

If your kid is not experiencing a reaction from an allergy to bites or stings, you can treat them at home. 

When you want to treat the bite, make sure you’ve removed the stinger by rubbing a flat object like a credit card all across the sting. Next, you should clean the bite or the sting using soap and water. Then apply some antibiotic cream. You can help your kid with the pain by putting some ice on the bitten part. If your kid was stung on their leg or arm, you could elevate the limb. This would reduce the rate of swelling. 

There are several insect bites and stings which would itch afterward. You could put antihistamine lotions or bug bites on the sting site. Your child should also consume a proper appropriate dosage of antihistamine or acetaminophen. This would help manage the itching and the pain. 

Several bug bites symptoms would pass after some days or a few hours. If your child gets tired or a rash or fever, contact your pediatrician if redness, swelling, or pain increases. There are some ticks or mosquitoes that can give your kids diseases like Lyme disease, Zika Virus.

My thoughts on Treating Kid Bug Bites 

Sometime last year, I brushed my teeth under the mango tree in the middle of our compound. I was brushing in peace. I completely forgot that bees have taken over the tree. My head mistakenly hit their hive, and before I knew what was happening, one of them came down and stung my head. Damn. It was painful. Like extremely painful. My Mom got me some ice, and we put it there for a while. It inflamed, of course, but then the swelling reduced after about five hours, if I remember correctly. 

The pain stopped almost immediately we got ice. For the swelling, I was quite lucky it was my head, not my arm or legs. Swelling on limbs doesn’t go down so quickly.  So if it was my limbs, I might have been in trouble for awhile.