Fun Indoor Games for Kids

Games are fun and exciting activities that are playful and competitive. Games are usually governed by a set of rules with a certain goal in mind. Usually, whoever achieves that goal first wins the game. Games have many benefits such as;

  1. They are time-consuming activities that can be entertaining and educational.
  2. Games are a great way to channel energy
  3. Games can promote socializing
  4. Games can help develop skills of deduction and analysis.
  5. Finally, games can boost creativity and imagination.

Games are a great way for kids to gain these benefits in a fun and exciting environment. If you’re searching for games that your kids can play but you need them to be indoors because of the pandemic, here are some fun indoor games for kids.


We’ll start with the online section because there are a lot of online games available for kids.

  1. Among Us – Among Us is a multiplayer game with around 5-10 players for each round. Each round will have tasks and 1-3 impostors. The goal of these impostors is to sabotage the tasks and get rid of all the crewmates before the tasks are completed. Among Us is fun, entertaining, and easy to learn. Ages 11 and up.
  1. Minecraft  – If your child is more creatively inclined, consider Minecraft. Minecraft is a calm game where players can explore universes and construct buildings and worlds for hours on end. Ages 10 and up
  1. Animal Crossing – Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch is a fun and calming game. In this game, each player has a personal island and is given the tools to build houses, parks, and design their island in any way they deem acceptable. Islands will be visited by fixed characters in the game to make things more exciting. Ages 10 and up
  1. Taffy: Splash Art – This is a fun online game where you can create as much you like in this fun coloring game. This is a great game for young children.
  1. Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime – This is a puzzle-based game where you guide the raccoon through the tiles and eat many yummy sandwiches on the way. This is very suitable for young children


Here are some classic indoor games kids can play.

  1. Hide and Seek – Hide and Seek is a classic, fun game. One kid stays, covers their eyes, and counts to a certain number while the others run and hide. Once the counting is done, the search begins.
  1. Musical Chairs – In musical chairs, you take the number of kids who will play and subtract it by 1. Then you grab chairs of that number and arrange them in a circle. Play some tunes while they dance around it and stop the songs sporadically. Whenever the song stops they have to find a chair. In each level, one kid will not get a chair. If there are five kids, there should be four chairs.
  1. Board Games – If you don’t have a lot of space but still need some ideas for indoor games, consider board games. Board games such as Monopoly are fun for kids ages 10 and up.
  1. Lego Blocks – Lego blocks are entertaining to kids of all ages. They are also very affordable. They teach creativity and are well suited for kids ages 6 and up.