Airbags in a bag are usually meant to protect adults from a car accident, but they are not meant to protect children sitting in the front seat. The AAP(American Academy of Pediatrics) recommended that all 13 years old of children buckle up when they are in the back seat as part of safety.

But there is some exception that exists in this regards. For instance, if a 13-year-old is small for their age, such adolescents shouldn’t sit in the front. Therefore, the below are what you need to know about car safety and when a child can sit in the front seat.

Dangers of sitting in the front seat for young children

Some airbags are typically designed in cars. The airbags are put in place to protect an adult who’s at least 5feet tall and 150 pounds roughly. But the situation a child sits at the front seat, even if the child puts on a seat belt, the child is liable to sustain many injuries, unlike an adult, because the airbag is not meant for them.

It occurs in such a way because an airbag deploys rapidly; it takes 1/20th of a second. Because of how fast it is rated, an airbag can move at 200 miles every hour. If it is a young child that such fast airbags hit, the force is too much for him because he is younger and lighter.

Children who do not wait to be larger before seating in the front are liable to get head injuries because of the airbag’s impact. It is hazardous to the extent that the airbag can even lift the child off the seat, and they can hit the top of the car, which can even cause the loss of their lives.

In-car safety tips, the best place for a child to sit is in the middle of the car with a seat belt. The seat belt should be able to hold the lap and shoulder of the child.

Steps to follow when a 13year old wants to ride in the front seat-:

A 13year old child might long to ride their parent’s car. Therefore parents can follow the steps below when these happen to maintain safety protocols.

  • The first you should do is move the car’s front seat as far back as it can go. Try to make sure it is far away from where the airbag can deploy
  • You have to make sure your child uses a seat belt at all times.
  • You need to teach your child how to wear the seat belt properly. It should go across the upper chest, not their neck.
  • No matter the weight of your 13year old child, make sure they use a booster seat if they are not up to 4feet, 9inch tall.
  • Each state has rules and regulations if when a child can sit in the front seat. So make sure you know the law of your state before you allow your child to sit at the front of the car seat.


Parents or caregivers should make sure they practice strict rules and follow the car safety protocols every day. To avoid damages from occurring to your child, you need to make sure your child reaches the right age before sitting in the front seat. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.