Best Toys for Kids for Intellectual and Skill Growth

There has been some research that has shown that during a child’s development, they must learn through playing. Because as you let your kids play a lot it gives benefits to the family and also allows the children to release their energy. One of the great benefits is that you can watch your kids and find out who they are, especially during infancy. 

With the application of toys, children can begin to develop different skills they would use as they grow older. 

One of the major advantages of using educational toys is the ability to solve problems, it also teaches them how to share, it helps them build their motor skills and develop their creativity and imagination. You can start engaging your children with educational toys from as little as a month old. Here are some toys they can engage in as they grow older. 

1-12 months 

Sensory play can help to boost the child’s senses, as the child begins to develop the family can help in interacting with the kids with toys. You can also introduce problem-solving toys that would help engage the child to work through conflicts. Some examples of great toys are infant play, stackers and blocks, etc.

12-24 months

Your child would begin to become mobile once he/she clocks the one year mark or older, so introducing the right toys for the age can help in their balance and coordination, thus allowing them to become more curious. Another amazing method is by implementing the use of counting as they begin to learn how to work. Examples of toys that can help your kids as they clock between the age of 1 or 2 years include:

  • Push cars
  • Walkers
  • Themed toys

Above 2 years

At this crucial age of your children, the ability to create their sound through music is important, to them, it’s like having a superpower. This skill allows them to express themselves when words fail them. The guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument that a kid can use as they develop their intellect and skill.

Positive Impact on the Brain

The positive side effect on the brain is an important factor as the kids learn to play at a young age. Parents have made the mistake of assuming a child has to be at least the age of 7 years before they can learn. Nowadays kids as young as 2-3 years can learn and develop their skills.

Improve Mental Health

Getting a guitar or vintage guitar for your kid would help in improving their mental health, it would also help in allowing your kids to express themselves better for you to properly understand how they feel. The ability to play a musical instrument has helped in mending a soul and fixing a broken heart. As your kids learn to play the guitar, it would help in reducing the stress and anxiety of your child.

Improve Social Skills

The importance of playing a musical instrument like the guitar would help give the child a sense of worth and achievement which would help in various aspects of life.

At an older age, it is recommended that you introduce toys that would challenge their cognitive skills. Some of these skills could be writing or drawing on a piece of paper. Some games and books can also help them develop recognition and literacy skills. Also reading books with pictures in them can help familiarize themselves with how those words look in the book. Some other examples of toys that would help kids develop their intellectual and cognitive growth are:

  • Counting toys
  • Building toys 
  • Basketball hoops

There are activities for children of every age to help with their intellectual growth! I hope my list of suggestions helps you find great activities for your kids.