Best Kids Costumes to Make for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. This year, instead of spending a lot of money on a costume your child will probably never wear again, why not make one? Not only is this a more affordable solution, but you will end up with a unique design that you can be proud of.

Costume making doesn’t need to be intricate. There are several that you can pull together in just a few hours. Here are some suggestions.

7 Best Kids Costumes to Make for Halloween


A fairy costume is relatively easy to design. Your daughter may already have a dress that foots the bill, but if not, you can create one out of crinoline and similar materials. Artificial flowers from the dollar store can serve as her crown. Wings can be store bought or fashioned from cardboard.


A superhero costume can be elaborate if you are trying to turn your child into Batman or Superman, but it’s a lot easier if you go generic. Simply make a mask out of paper or fabric and find some old sheets for a cape. With this option, your child can be any type of superhero they want to be, and you can add elements to represent the theme.


Dinosaurs are fierce beasts that once roamed the planet. They make a terrific Halloween costume. To get this one going, have your child dress in a solid color (green, brown or dark red will do). Then design a piece that goes down their head and back to represent their bumps and scales.


Witches are a classic and it’s easy to add your own elements to make the look unique. Start with the basics…a black dress and hat, and accessorize as you see fit. Brooms, capes and curly shoes are completely optional.


Pumpkins make terrific outfits for younger children. There are so many ways you can go with this costume idea. An easy one is simply to make a pumpkin mask. If you want to get more elaborate, create a cut out that your child can drape over their body. Then make a hat to represent the top of the pumpkin and stem.


Princess costumes are another easy choice. Start with a fancy dress. Your daughter may already have one in her closet, but if not, you may be able to find one in the thrift store or make one yourself. A crown or tiara can be found at the dollar store, or you can design one at home.


A spider makes a seriously scary Halloween costume. For this one, you’ll need to start by dressing your child all in black. It really doesn’t matter what they wear…as long as it’s black. Then use cardboard or another material to cut out eight legs attached to a central piece so it can be attached to his or her back. An antenna headpiece makes the perfect finishing touch.

This Halloween, you don’t have to run out to a crowded store to buy your child an expensive costume. Make one at home instead. You will have fun in the process and you will come out with a finished product both of you will treasure.