Best Kid-Friendly Cartoons

Cartoons are extremely entertaining ways to pass the time. For kids, cartoons do not have to be just entertaining; they can be educational too. If you have a child, and you’re wondering what cartoons they should watch, here are 12 cartoons, new and old, that your kid (and you!) are going to enjoy.

1. Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is a fun cartoon that follows the adventures of Dora as she attempts to solve mysteries and help her friends. In this cartoon, you join Dora, her best friend Boots, her talking backpack and a host of other characters on exciting and educational adventures.

2. Teen Titans Go

Teen Titans Go is about Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg. They’re regular teens except when they’re superheroes. Follow them as they go on fascinating adventures around the city and sometimes into their homework!

3. PAW Patrol

If your kid is a fan of puppies, this is the cartoon for them. Join Ryder, a ten year old, as he goes on many adventures with six cute and heroic puppies. It’s a paw-fect.

4. Peppa Pig

Preschool has never been so fascinating. Join Peppa Pig as she attempts many activities, learns something new, makes new friends and goes about her day-to-day life.

5. Arthur

Arthur is a very entertaining cartoon about the day-to-day life of Arthur Read, an aardvark with glasses, his family, his friends and his little diva sister, the one and only D.W Read . Everyone in Arthur is a type of animal. This is a great way to learn about animals, and it’s extremely entertaining to watch.

6. SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Squarepants is a cartoon that appeals to people of all ages. We follow SpongeBob and Patrick as they blow bubbles, annoy the residents of Bikini Bottom, and protect the Krabby Patty formula from plankton. It’s a great way to introduce your kid to sea creatures, and you can watch it with them as well.

7. Powerpuff Girls

What happens when you combine sugar, spice and everything nice with chemical X? You get the Powerpuff Girls. Join the superhero trio as they protect the city of Townsville.

8. Tom and Jerry

A classic cartoon for the whole family. It’s a cat and a rat, but it’s so much more.

9. Scooby Doo

Join Shaggy and his friends as they discover that sometimes the enemy is someone close to you. Also there’s an adorable dog. His name is Scooby, and the theme song is very catchy.

10. Codename Kids Next Door

Join the kids next door in their state-of-the-art treehouse. They fight crime, and still make time for snacks. It’s a great show. Be sure to make some snacks.

11. My Gym Partner’s a Monkey

Through a mix up, Adam Lyon wound up in an all-animal middle school. It should be a disaster, but it’s not (mostly). His best friend Jake is a monkey, and they go through the trials of middle school together. It’s fun.

12. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Billy is a shy boy. Mandy is a bold, no-nonsense girl. Also, Mandy sort of owns the Grim Reaper.

13. The Lion King

For a classic tear-jerker, we’re including The Lion King because no list of cartoons is complete without the Lion King.